SET Active Tree I Module Allround


Save 85 € with the SET!

The PiFS Active Tree Allround with one post module is the perfect scratching post for one or two cats.

It has a very stable base plate and you can let the tree grow whenever you want just by adding another post module.

This scratching post provides your cats with everything that it needs: a place to scratch, a place to chill,  a place to play and a place to eat.


It includes:

  • 1 Base Plate
  • 1 Base Post Module Standard
  • 1 Top-Level-Platform SUPERSIZE  (diameter: 45 cm)
    + 1 Comfort Cushion SUPERSIZE (diameter: 45 cm, Wellness Fleece)
  • 1 Ring-Platform
    + 1 Comfort Ring Cushion (Wellness Fleece)
  • 1 Bowl Platform
  • 1 Playing Platform
    + 1 Toy
  • 1 Scratching Mat Standard SMALL (length: 56 cm)


Please tell us if you would like to have "The Bonfire" or "Funny Owl" toy.

Please choose your color.


659,00 €

  • 13 kg
  • Available
  • Ships within 30