PiFS Active Tree Family


Because every cat is unique. A PiFS Active Tree is not only a scratching post where cats can  sleep and scratch but also play, eat, drink and actively keep themselves busy.


Create your own PiFS Active Tree - change the colour, change the style, change the size and change the materials. Make it your own and dare to be creative!

Active Tree


The big one.

Active TreE

1 Module

The small one. 

Actve Tree

2 Modules

Not too big, not too small. 

AT Light

A lot of fun and action in a very compact Active Tree with a slim and round base plate.

The PiFS Active Tree

The only tree that carries cats instead of fruits.

Each PiFS Active Tree offers a wide range of Lying, Sitting, Playing and Climbing Platforms,

as well as numerous covers and cushions to fit the individual needs of your cat.

PiFS Active Trees make all of this possible while requiring minimum space. 


In addition, PiFS Active Trees for cats not only provide highest functionality, comfort and agility for cats but also impress with their well-shaped design.

PiFS Active Trees offer almost unlimited possibilities 

to live up to the individual requirements of yourself and your furry friends.