PiFS Cat Toys

The fruits of the Active Tree

PiFS Cat Toys to the Active Tree are like fruits to a tree. They are especially designed to be integrated into the tree. You can put them on Playing Platform or use them to secure platforms. Like real fruits, PiFS toys can change over the Active Tree life time. Adapt them and change them according to your cat's wishes.




PiFS fits!

The Bonfire

woodpacker's choice


funny owl

meowgical heart

Felt balls

The Elephantastic

Handmade & unique!
Cats love the flat proportions of this little elephant. Simply because it is "purrfect" for playing, carrying around in their mouth and for cuddling. If you open the belly of The Elephantastic via the Velcro fastener and pour in some catnip your cats will go even crazier about this littly guy!

Not only your cat benefits from the Elephantastic but also the wonderful NPO  "Tailoring Togo" and "The Force". Have a look: facebook.com/tailoringtogo/ or theforce.pink/

With every purchase of The Elephantastic you support an education centre in Togo, where disadvantaged girls receive a free apprenticeship in tailoring and batik. "The Force" is a young Non-Profit-Organisation that wants to increase awareness about women's rights while improving the living conditions and future prospects of girls and young women in the Republic of Togo. 


Have a look: theforce.pink/ or facebook.com/tailoringtogo/


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