PiFS Scratching Mats

The bark of the Active Tree

PiFS Scratching Mats are easy to handle due to their velcro fasteners. On an Active Tree with three post modules, you can put the scratching mat at any height. Be careful to match the holes of the scratching mat to the holes of the Active Tree. Then secure the scratching mat by plugging a platform into the matching holes of the Active Tree and the scratching mat - all done!



PiFS fits!


All Scratching Mats are available in the following colors:

Scratching Mat Standard BIG

'Scratching Mat Standard BIG' has a length of 80 cm. is compatible with the 'Active Tree' (not 'AT Light') with 2 post modules or more.

Scratching Mat Standard SMALL

'Scratching Mat Standard SMALL' has a length of 56 cm. It is compatible with the 'Active Tree' and 'AT Light'. It fits to all Standard Post Modules.

scratching Mat Scratch SMALL

'Scratching Mat Scratch SMALL' has a length of  56 cm. It is compatible with the 'AT Light'. It just fits to the 'AT Light Post Module Scratch'.


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