PiFS Modules and Accessories

Create your own Active Tree

PiFS Modules are the roots, bole and branches of an Active Tree.

PiFS Accessories provide the final touch to the Active Tree. They are the icing on the cake, the leaves to branches, the straw to the berry, the sun to the flower and the butter to the fly.


Base Plates

The PiFS Base Plate is like roots of a tree. It provides the Active Tree with stability.


There are two PiFS Base Plates: one for the Active Tree and one for the AT Light.

Post Modules

The PiFS Post Modules are like the bole of a tree along which the branches (Platforms) are arranged in a spiral order.

There are three different PiFS Post Modules: Standard, Play and Scratch.


The PiFS Platforms are like branches to a tree. They are carrying the leaves and fruits of the Active Tree. 


There are six different kinds of Platforms: Top-Level, Standard, Ring, Step, Playing and Bowl.  


Scratching Mats

The PiFS Scratching Mat is like a tree bark of the Active Tree. Cats can also scratch on the wooden modules but the PiFS Scratching Mat provides additional protection.


There are three versions of the PiFS Scratching Mat: Standard, Scratch and Play. They fit to the respective Post Module.

Covers and Cushions

The PiFS Covers and Cushions are leaves or blossoms of the Active Tree. When a cat is sleeping in a Comfort Ring Cushion, it looks like a flower.


There are six types of PiFS Covers and Cushions: Comfort Cover, Comfort Cushion and Premium Cushion, Comfort Ring Cover, Comfort Ring Cushion and Premium Ring Cushion. 

Cat Toys

The PiFS Cat Toys are like fruits to a tree. They are especially designed to be integrated into the tree. Like real fruits, PiFS toys can change over the Active Tree life time. Adapt them and change them according to your cat's wishes.

The Modular Design


The modular design and the Plug-in System allow for assembly in no timeSimply plug one module into another,  without any nails or screws. You can always change it with just a flick of the wrist. 


All modules and accessories can be reordered individually.

The modular design makes it very convenient and easy to upgrade the Active Tree. 


Due to its unique construction, this scratching post also becomes an Active Tree for you, the cat owner, as it can be changed and adapted at any time any way you want.